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June 11, 2010

First off, I’d like to thank everybody for their incredible generosity. Whether you donated goods, dropped a supportive email, posted an in-thread comment, bid on an eBay auction, or sent cold hard cash, we appreciate every last bit.

Thanks to all your support, loquacious has some awesome new opportunities available to him. As of Monday, he will have the keys to his first very own place. Your generosity has afforded loquacious the following:

a) almost three weeks of temporary accommodation
b) a phone connection to friends and family
c) and this is the big one, nearly one year of rent in his new apartment
d) some basic housewares and a futon to sleep on
e) set-up/deposit on his utilities

So loquacious is on the mend, and his heartfelt thanks goes out to each of you.

Further updates can be found in Jason’s profile, and toward the bottom of this Meta thread.

-Gabe (gman)



May 23, 2010

Many Mighty Mefites are auctioning off art (and other goodies) to help loquacious! Isn’t that awesome of them?

UPDATE: Final auction of MeFite donations went up today (Saturday 10am EST). Scroll down to see it.

Lute Cat AND Zither Cat, two merry 9×12 watercolor memes for the price of one by our very John Leavitt AKA The Whelk. From a deletion reason into Art! Own a bit of internet history!


(Wednesday) Two new eBay auctions

Natural Handcrafted Necklace (created by: The otter lady)

Ann Arbor Cruise Up The Chain Of LakesAnd Dinner For Two at Portage Yacht Club (with HuronBob)

(Thursday) Two new eBay auctions

MandalaTerra Print (created by: MeFite seanmpuckett)

Unique Japanese Dining/Drinking  Experience for Two at an Izakaya (with MeFite Ghidorah)

(Friday) FOUR new eBay auctions

Handmade Teapot Set from Singapore (Chosen and donated by MeFite Alnedra)

Kung-Fu, The Invisible Fist Vintage Movie Poster (1971) (Donated by MeFite flapjax at midnight)

Hand-Crafted and Customized Pet Urn (Created by MeFite Vaike)

Austin Music Awards Posters (both from the 1990s) (Donated by MeFite Devils Rancher)

(Saturday) NEW eBay auction (5 day listing)

Special one off “This Is Not A Bank” Cow Print – 48″x24″ (Photographed and donated by MeFite sgt. serenity)

the impertenant patient

May 22, 2010

Loquacious In Hospital

Artists Are People Too!

May 22, 2010

Loquacious is in hospital with a collapsed lung and wanted me to pass this info on. He’s been texting from hospital – swedish first hill – and will be in for a few days. He will be coming out from hospital to joblessness and, in short order, homelessness, and with my support and encouragement he is asking mefites for help.  As someone with similar neurological issues  but with the money and support to deal with them and not end up on the street, I am more then a little sympathetic to Loq’s plight, which is why I made Save Loq.  A single place where Metafilter People can help Loq get back on track via paypal donations, act auctions,  and more. Lets get things started simple.

Here is the paypal donation button for Loquacious’ recovery, every little bit helps.

Coming soon: Auctions and other ways to donate!

(Just FYI  for super-duper donators – the link goes to gman’s account as loq doesn’t have one.)